Yoga in the desert.

Carolina Gutierrez Garcia MD

University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Family Medicine PGY1


May 4, 2020

Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico

After the 2020 match results, I shared the unparalleled blissful news to my patients in Mexicali, a tiny desert city in Mexico, with the promise of acquiring the wisdom they deserved. Before moving to the US, the clinic list was composed entirely of HIV positive patients with whom our biggest challenge was lifestyle changes.

A patient reached out weeks later due to concerns of hypertension control amid isolation, what resources could I recommend for exercise now? Before this contingency, the arsenal of options included limited resources, few of them free, or limited by the typical high temperatures. Still, whenever patients disclosed their work schedule, the available options were reduced to none, it was a dead end.

Thanks to the migration of all engaging activity to videos now, the free options worldwide have expanded, or becoming widespread and known. Now a plethora of guided strength training, ballet, yoga is part of the recommendations I can provide to my patients with whom I would be apart from in the first place by moving to Texas for Family Medicine Residency. The barrier has been breached for patients outside of the country to my home.

I feel guilty for discovering these opportunities while those in the hospital are limited. But simultaneously think that this is my work for them; to take care of those outside. We will prepare the healthiest environment for patients, doctors, and workers to go back to after the storm is over.


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