The Helpers

Diana Zarowin

Albert Einstein College of Medicine, MS1


April 14, 2020

What could we do

To make it through

Forget ourselves, that isn’t all

What about, those taking the toll?

Could we help, I’d tried to see.

Could more be done,

Than sourcing PPE.

I was amazed to find

People running to help

Putting into action

The strong will that they felt.

The community came together

To give support and strength,

We remembered we were one

Against this virus so immense.

They say to strive and be the change you wish to see

That will keep us going, no matter what will be.

The wonders of medicine will march on before our eyes

And the kindness we impart will help us mobilize.

So, we move forward,

With gratitude for each day,

And continue not

To let this virus get its way.

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