Sarah-Pearl Siganporia

University of Queensland-Ochsner Clinical School MS4


June 16, 2020

New Orleans, Louisiana

United we stand, divided we fall.

But in 2020, it's division, that means safety for all.



I have lost all sense of the word this year,

Just as I have lost all sense of the known.

I don’t know, and no one seems to have an answer.

So we're forced to find a new norm,

A sense of safety in a world full of uncertainty.


As a black woman, I am all too familiar with that concept.

My mind has been traveling at 100 miles an hour lately.

Trying to work out how to use the power in my voice.

I want to link arms with my brothers and sisters.

To actively reject the world we are forced to live in.

But safety,

The virus has already wiped us out disproportionately.

So united we will stand. But it seems united we will fall.

It makes some wonder why we go out to march at all?

But safety,

It's the luxury we don’t have.

So just like our lives to the world, it doesn't matter.

Because the sad truth is we are not safe anywhere.

Not in our homes, not in the streets,

Not when we bird-watch, not when we sleep.

No safety.

So, I will sing it from the rooftops if I must,

Till I am six feet under and covered in dust.

Black lives matter.

Thank you.


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